From artwork to frame.

All Illustrated London artworks are giclée prints. This means they are printed using pigment-based inks which will keep their original colours and will not fade, as long as the artwork is not perpetually in direct sunlight. 

The paper we use varies depending on the print, but we always use heavyweight Fine Art archival paper. This is to show the image at its best, but also to further ensure it lasts for decades, if not centuries to come. Heavyweight paper is usually at least 265gsm, which means it feels more like card. Currently we are using Hahnemühle Bamboo paper, which, as the name suggests, is made from bamboo rather than wood pulp. Bamboo is a more sustainable material without compromising on any of the quality or longevity of  traditionally-made Fine Art paper.

Original artwork is almost exclusively painted in watercolour, with occasional elements in goache and oil pencil. If you'd like a breakdown of all the materials used, I am happy to go into more detail.

Paintings are scanned at a minimum of 800dpi. This means every detail is as clear as in the original painting. Colour corrections are made and artist's proofs are printed to ensure every print is a replica of the original and as the artist intended.

We post prints either in envelopes or tubes, each one checked to ensure the print is packaged safely and securely. We are currently looking into finding 100% environmentally-friendly and sustainable packaging while keeping your prints safe. We will update you with our progress.

Frames are not included, but all prints are made to proportions compatible with picture frames which can be found in a variety of outlets around the country. Please contact us if you would like some help choosing a frame. We usually recommend a larger frame than the print itself, to allow for a mount (white space). This gives a bit of space around the image and allows the viewer to focus on the artwork. However, every print will be hung in a completely different and unique space, so we will leave it up to you. We will post examples of framed prints on the website.